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Office Death

8 Ways Your Office Is Killing You

Plenty of modern-day office workers don’t like the office environment -- the cubicles, the fluorescent lights, the stale air, the lack of greenery. But what if your office environment might actually be destroying both your physical and your mental health? Here are eight ways your office is, quite literally, killing you. 1. Sitting at your desk all day is horrible for … [Read More...]

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4 Coworking Spaces That Accept Bitcoin

Coworking spaces and the alternative bitcoin currency are perfect bedfellows. A "coworking space," in case you need an introduction, is an office space whose inhabitants and cubicle mates don't work for the same companies. They share the space itself, some of … [Read More...]

Fueled Collective Coworking Space

How Coworking Spaces Handle Noise

Put a room full of interesting and productive people in a coworking space and you're bound to generate a little noise; it’s only natural. But sometimes calls get too loud, rings aren’t on vibrate, and some just talk more than others want to hear. Part of the … [Read More...]