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Sandbox Suites SF

7 Top San Francisco Coworking Spaces

San Francisco is the perfect city for coworking spaces. For starters, there's the cost of real estate in San Fran, which, as most everyone knows, is the highest in the United States; one-bedroom apartments frequently rent for $3,500 per month or more. Renting an office space in San Francisco, meanwhile, is even more expensive than renting an office space in … [Read More...]

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Fueled Collective Coworking Space

How Coworking Spaces Handle Noise

Put a room full of interesting and productive people in a coworking space and you're bound to generate a little noise; it’s only natural. But sometimes calls get too loud, rings aren’t on vibrate, and some just talk more than others want to hear. Part of the … [Read More...]

Airbus Bag2Go Luggage

Airbus Bag2Go: The Reinvention of Luggage

French-based Airbus is usually in the business of making airplanes, not luggage. Normally, the company is busy trying to stay ahead of its two big American competitors, Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. Recently, however, Airbus became the unlikely innovator of a … [Read More...]