8 Best Long Distance Relationship Apps

Some couples are apart from one another because of business travel. Some couples have miles between them because of school. Some couples met online and fell in love over messages and posts before they ever met in person. The distance might keep these significant others apart, but they still long to find ways to stay close.

Long-distance relationships can be very hard. Even when two people care for each other a great deal, the distance between them can strain even the strongest relationships. Smartphone apps can’t eliminate that strain completely, but they can at least help to close the gap a little bit. Here are eight apps to help you and your sweetie maintain your long-distance relationship.

1. Whats App

what's app

Whats App allows you to send text messages for free to anyone else who has the app. For couples who have oceans in between them or limited texting plans, Whats App is especially useful in keeping the monthly cell phone bill to a reasonable level. When foreign text messages cost an arm and a leg to send, it can quickly put a damper on romance. Download Whats App for Android, iPhone, or iPad and eliminate your texting bill with your sweetheart.

2. Avocado

Avocado trees, apparently, only bear fruit in pairs. That’s why the app creators chose the name “Avocado” for keeping “couples on-the-go” connected. Billing itself as a messaging and calendar app for couples, Avocado allows couples to set up joint to-do lists, message one another, set reminders for important dates and anniversaries, share calendars, and send pictures, sketches, and stickers. Pre-written, frequently used messages like, “Need anything before I come home?” and “Miss you” are designed to save couples time while still making it easy to show each other that they care. Overall, Avocado is a cute app that will supplement the other apps you already use to keep in touch with your significant other, with the added bonus of being able to share things like grocery lists, date night ideas, and calendars with the most important person in your life.

3. Facetime and/or Skype

Skype for long distance relationships

Facetime if you’re both on iOS devices; Skype if you’re not: These two tools are essential for any modern-day long-distance relationship. Being able to hear your significant other’s voice is important when you’ve been away from each other for a long time. Being able to see them, if only on a screen, is even better. Even over the phone, things like smiles, shrugs, frowns, nods, and eyerolls do not come across. Skype and Facetime solve that problem. They’re the next best thing to having your significant other in the room with you — and they’re free.

4. Couple

Couple’s (formerly known as “Pair”) tagline is “share everything.” Designed for iPhone, Couple conveniently puts all your long-distance relationship tools in one place. It gives you quick access to Facetime, offers text and multi-media messaging specifically to your significant other, and, much like Avocado, it gives you and your partner access to shared to-do-lists, calendars to mark dates and anniversaries, along with photo, sketch, and sticker tools. Thumbkiss is another fun feature of Couple; you and your partner try to touch the exact same place on your screens at the exact same time. If you get a match, the phone vibrates to let you know you’re in sync. Essentially, think of Couple as being a social network designed for two people with some extra features meant to help couples stay close.

5. Feel Me

Feel Me takes the Thumbkiss idea of Pair and similar apps and puts it into a stand-alone app. For some couples, that might make sense: They’re not dating overseas and they each already have unlimited texting, so they don’t particularly need Whats App. They use tools like Google Calendar to share their calendars. They’ve got both Facetime and Skype, so they don’t see a point in adding an app that gives them quick access to Facetime when they already have quick access to Facetime. Furthermore, they’ve got native camera apps to take and send all the pictures and videos they want. For these tech-savvy couples, Feel Me is the one thing they don’t have already. A game for couples that’s not already included in one of their native apps, Feel Me gives couples a feeling of connection even when they’re far apart. The only caveat to Feel Me is that it’s only available for iOS.

6. TheIceBreak

One of the things that couples in long-distance relationships struggle with is keeping a feeling of intimacy and closeness even when they’re not seeing each other every day. Conversations that used to be fluid and easy sometimes seem to stall out over time, making both partners feel distant and tense with one another. TheIceBreak, as its name suggests, helps couples break through those walls and feel closer. It provides couples with a list of questions, such as “Do you think it’s more important for a couple to be friends or lovers?”, which can then be answered privately or publicly with TheIceBreak community. The app also includes a private wall for you and your significant other to send messages and photos back and forth. One testimonial on TheIceBreak website says that the app has helped to breathe new life even into a 13 year-old marriage.

7. Tokii

Although Tokii’s style is completely different from TheIceBreak, this app is also designed to help couples get talking to one another and be open about their thoughts and feelings. Tokii offers couples prompts, such as, “You make me feel…” and “Today I feel…” to tell their partner how they’re feeling that day. It also encourages couples to share their “Daily Mood” at the outset of each new conversation.

8. Between

Like Pair, Between is essentially a social network designed for two people. Free for both Android and iPhone, Between lets users share things like important dates, photos, etc. — one reviewer called it “DropBox for your relationship.” Although it was designed by a Korean company, Between supports 13 languages and is gaining traction rapidly in the United States. The company’s user data suggests that people who have the app spend more time with it than they do with almost any other social network app.


These eight apps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to couples apps. For long-distance couples in particular, these handy apps give the relationship a feeling of closeness that makes all those miles feel a little less daunting.

Do you and your long-distance partner have an app that you use to stay close? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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    I’m in a long distance relationship across 4000 miles and Couple is easily my favourite long distance relationship app. It is just so easy to use, and looks really nice too.

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