How Coworking Spaces Handle Noise

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Put a room full of interesting and productive people in a coworking space and you’re bound to generate a little noise; it’s only natural. But sometimes calls get too loud, rings aren’t on vibrate, and some just talk more than others want to hear. Part of the magic of a coworking space though is that noise generated by the collaboration and interaction of thirsty minds fuels its energy. The responsibility of the coworking space is monitoring that perfect level and keeping happy coworkers. Each space has a slightly different policy, so it may be a factor in picking the one that is right for you; but overall, each still has a pretty similar view when it comes to harnessing the magic that is the coworking space. Check out what these coworking space managers had to say about how they feel about noise.

We’re a co-working space, not a library.

“We tell our visitors that we’re a coworking space, not a library. Everyone is welcome to chat, talk on the phone, and take meetings. However, if someone’s volume level gets loud enough that fellow co-workers start complaining, we’ll politely ask the noisy worker to tone it down.”

Ashley Gallman Williams – Client Relations & Events Manager, Wix Lounge

Take it elsewhere.

“We don’t have a stated noise policy. We know who we’re welcoming into the office, so companies that are likely to make a lot of noise such as companies that make sales calls, are usually not invited in. Of course, phone conversations and meeting are a part of any normal business day, so people tend to go to one of our soundproof meeting rooms to have conversations that could get loud. People also take their phones out into the lunch area or hallways to reduce sound. The space is also designed to put developers (usually quiet) in between two zones of founders (usually loud) to reduce noise pollution.”

Ilan Nass – Chief of Marketing, The Fueled Collective

Noise is energy.

“We see noise as energy, which is a good thing, so we’re not terribly strict about noise. That said, we’ve zoned each our spaces so that there is an area more conducive to conversation and collaboration, and other areas more geared toward quiet and focus. And if all else fails, we tell people who need to be noisy to book a private conference room.”

Don Ball – Founding Partner, CoCo Minneapolis

We like noise.

“We like phone calls, chatter, and general office noise. Collectively they build white noise that generates that “buzz” people like when they’re here.”

Jerome Chang – Founder & Architect, BLANKSPACES

Just be considerate.

“Keep it considerate of others. ‘Inside Voices’ are good. Otherwise, do your thing! Calls and conversations are okay here; they’re part of business. The group seems to mirror and adapt to each other — so phone calls layer into a babbling brook, but folks whisper if the room is library-quiet. I’m amazed by how considerate people are, and how willing they are to affectionately tolerate each other. It’s normal to get bellow-y during a business call, forget that your ringtone is irritating to others, or that your fancy business shoes are like hammers on the wood floor. We’re open plan, and sometimes we all crack up when someone’s noise is accidentally hilarious. When it keeps happening, I’m happy to nicely let folks know, as many times as they forget. I’m always happier to have to enforce the noise policy than the smell policy!”

Eva – Community Manager, Green Spaces

We have a noise sweet spot.

“Our noise level is always somewhere between a cafeteria and a library. That’s our sweet spot. Talking and communicating with team members or fellow Grindists in our main work areas is heavily encouraged. That said, we also promote the use of ‘inside voices.’ We’ve got plenty of environments within each of our locations that are great for meetings, phone calls, and louder conversations including conference rooms, phone booths, and smaller chat rooms. If members are in need of a truly silent space, we even have a library at our new Broadway space.”

Anthony Marinos – The Position Formerly Known as Sales and Marketing, Grind

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