Top 8 Coworking Spaces in NYC

There’s just something about New York that seems to breed creatives. I’m not sure if it’s the environment that makes the New Yorker, or the New Yorker that makes the environment, but one thing’s for sure: it’s no surprise coworking spaces are hugely successful there.

With over half of the 200,000 members of The Freelancer’s Union living in New York City (NYC), there are a lot coworking spaces to choose from. Unfortunately, I can’t write them all up without my fingers falling off; but, here are a few of my favorite coworking spaces in New York City. If I didn’t mention your favorite NYC coworking space, please let everyone know what it is in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out our coworking directory.

Without further adieu…


If you’re into clubs that you can’t get into without knowing someone or being on the list, then Grind is for you. Grind’s website reads, “Every Grindist was recommended by another Grindist, so you’re surrounded by people who share your worldview.” Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about this. As someone who loves to travel, I enjoy being surrounded by as many worldviews as possible. I could see Grind as being limiting in that sense. Yet, I had to include it on the list due to its clean, minimalistic, high-tech, sustainable, and well-known facilities.

Members are able to display portfolios on the walls and open lockers simply by flashing their cards. Also, they claim “everything” to be sustainable. Their doors are made mostly of industrial waste, faucets use less water, and the lights are LEDs; and that’s just naming a few of the items they mention on their site. If you want to find out how much water their toilets use you’re going to have to sit on them yourselves…but remember that porcelain is for cheeks of Grindists and their friends only.

Neighborhood: Flatiron & Garment District
Hours: 8AM – 12AM (Mon – Fri)
Cost: Pay-by-day is $35; Pay-by-month is $500; Pay-by-Month + access to all other Grind locations is $550.
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New Work City

New Work City Coworking Space in NYC

In the true spirit of freelancing, startups, and everything tech, New Work City’s (also known as the “grandaddy” of NYC coworking spaces) newest space was funded on Kickstarter. And unlike Grind’s exclusivity, it’s open to anyone and there’s no application process. They only let 80 people into the space at any given time though, so you may want to show up early.

One of my favorite things about New Work City though is their dedication to helping each other. Most coworking spaces foster this naturally, but New Work City sets aside time every Monday for a meeting to discuss each other’s goals and to make sure each person is accomplishing them. It’s like an AA group for work.

Neighborhood: Tribeca
Hours: 9AM – 5PM (Mon – Fri)
Cost: Day Pass is $35/day; Four days per month is $120/month; Community only is $35/month; Full membership is $375/month.
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WeWork Coworking Space in NYC

WeWork must be doing something right considering they have 11 locations in NYC alone. The coolest part about this coworking space is that they seem to recognize the struggles of being a freelancer — which is a trait many other coworking spaces seem to have forgotten. When you don’t work for a company, you aren’t provided health insurance, fun retreats, carpools, and all the other enjoyable benefits that go along with a steady salary.

WeWork seems to be doing what they can to help independent workers out in this area. They’ve been able to leverage the size of their community to get more affordable health insurance for their members. They’ve also up a system members can use for processing credit cards to avoid fees each member would rack up if they were processing these fees by themselves. In addition, they’ve got deals with ZipCar so members can have discounted transportation.

If you thought all that was cool, wait till you hear about summer camp. Each summer, members from all WeWork locations in New York City and California meet at Raquette Lake Summer Camp in the Adirondack Mountains for a seriously good time. There’s live music, rock climbing, water skiing, and oh so much more.

WeWork, where do I sign up? I want in.

Neighborhood: SoHo West, SoHo, Midtown, Meatpacking, Madison, Bryant Park, The Lounge, Fulton Center, WeCross, WeWork Studio, WeWork Labs NY
Hours: Open 24/7.
Cost: Varies depending upon neighborhood.
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The Fueled Collective

Warning to those who are not high energy: this coworking space criminalizes decaf. They also like to hype you up on sugary snacks and creamy delights from their ice cream cart. Translation: it sounds like a good time. Just be ready to crash when you get home.

The space is run by Fueled, a mobile app development agency, but they share their space and call it The Fueled Collective. Space is limited and they look for startups to join, so you’ll need to apply if you want in.

Neighborhood: SoHo
Hours: Open 24/7.
Cost: $650/month.
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Green Spaces

Greenspaces NYC Coworking Space

Green Spaces is a coworking space for entrepreneurs with environmentally and socially aware businesses. So if you’re thinking of getting into the oil business, you may want to find another location; but if you sell naturally made and environmentally friendly massage oil, then you’re good to go.

Neighborhood: Tribeca
Hours: 9AM-6PM (Mon – Fri), but if you arrive before 6PM you can stay later.
Cost: Prices range between $25-30 for day use or $125-$575 for monthly use depending on the membership level you need.
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Alley NYC

Alley NYC Coworking Space

Their website claims that they are, “The most badass coworking space on the planet.” But then they say later, “Leave the douchebag at the door. We are a space for the people by the people, no arrogance. However, only awesome gets in,” so I think they got a few of their marketing messages mixed up. However, the people that work there seem to be happy — and I’d imagine Kanye West would fit right in here. In their company video, one member says, “It’s not just a beautiful space to work everyday, it’s like taking a steroid shot for the growth of your company.”

On a more relaxed note, did I mention they have yoga on Tuesdays?

Neighborhood: Midtown
Hours: 9AM – 11:30PM (Everyday)
Cost: Unknown
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Wix Lounge

Wix Lounge Coworking Space NYC

This space is free — yes, you heard me right — free. I’m not quite sure how they make money, but Wix Website Builder runs the space so they must be doing well. Because of this, seating is first come, first serve so get there early.

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Hours: 9AM-5PM (Mon – Fri)
Cost: Free
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General Assembly

General Assembly NYC Coworking Space

This place is massive. In its 20,000 sq ft “campus” there is a full kitchen, classrooms, Skype sponsored conference rooms, bike storage, and far more. But the best thing about General Assembly is its long list of classes. With workshops on everything from business foundations to web development, there is always something to learn there. And, they don’t just have one-time classes like a lot of coworking spaces — they also have 8 to 16 week courses if you’re interested.

With so many great features and limited space, there is an interview process to get in. But, anyone is welcome to apply. There are definitely great opportunities available at this space. If you’re someone who loves to constantly learn new things, this may be the spot for you.

Location: Flatiron
Hours: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
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